What we do

Only Connect is an umbrella organisation with three main spokes:

Participatory Projects

Only Connect leads a range of community based arts projects using Dance and related art forms. Some projects have particular foci for participation such as intergenerational practice or the involvement of refugees.

Core projects – organised by or on behalf of Only Connect

Examples include:
‘Phase 1 – Stories of the Wind’ – a small scale intergenerational project in Nijmegen in Autumn 2015. Through a week of intensive rehearsals, participants devised a work for performance in outdoor public spaces in and around Nijmegen. Directed by co-founders Zwaan, Nadine & Vicky.

Spring intergenerational performance project, Nijmegen 2016 – building on the techniques and skills developed in ‘Phase 1’, this project will be open to participants throughout the local community.

Associated projects – artists and organisations that share the philosophy and practices of Only Connect, may choose to promote their own projects as an ‘Only Connect – associated project’.

Network of Practitioners

Only Connect provides opportunities for like-minded artists & practitioners to share knowledge, experience, ideas, problems and solutions. We will organise meetings and help people to connect through facebook and a subscription section of this website. The Network page will contain information and guidance to assist professional practice such as insurance guidelines, organisational structures. Subscription is currently free.

Research Laboratory

Only Connect will support exploration by artists and professionals into community and participatory practices and the boundaries of their art. It will encourage collaborations that build new languages between disciplines and styles. This interdisciplinary laboratory will nurture research in improvisational art, physical and architectural exploration of space as well as creating new forms out of the diversity and background of each performer.