Who we are

Vicky Fisher
I am a dancer, teacher and researcher from the UK where I was a founder member of CandoCo Dance Company and Crossover Intergenerational Dance. I have been a member of People Dancing, the British foundation for Community Dance for over twenty years and am passionate about developing participatory dance practices in the Netherlands.

Nadine Grinberg
I find movement and dance a powerful expression of who we are. Our bodies provide us with a rich palette of ways to communicate, freed from the limits of spoken language. I am interested in exploring the vocabulary of the dancing body and the creative process behind performance making. I am a performer, mover, dancer, observer.

Zwaan de Vries
Connecting with ‘The Other’ always was and is my motivation to get to terms with living on this earth being a part of humanity. My way lead me through dance, dansexpressie, theatre (physical theatre and directing) visual art (painting) and found the voice as the most essential medium for me to connect. I am a dance-teacher, Roy Hart Theater practitioner, theatre-maker and performer